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Future Development Of Smart Label

Smart Tags (smartlabel), also known as RFID tags, is the label field of High-tech products, is now playing an important role in product packaging, the gradual replacement of traditional product labels and bar codes. Smart tag is the Label field rookie, it has the function of surpassing the traditional label, is the electron and the computer and so on the high technology in the label printing on the crystallization.Smart Label 

Smart tags contain wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tags, concealed or overtly trademark protection indicators or sensors that prompt product status.Smart Label

Electronic tags are mainly composed of chips and antennas, the chip is mainly used to receive and transmit data, through the reader issued by the radio RF signal to read, the reader and the antenna and computer network connected to form an electronic module, the reader sent from its antenna special signal to the specific area of the electronic tag, Then the feedback information is processed and transmitted to the computer network, so that the management staff get the special information of the commodity.Smart Label 

Smart Label Printing and traditional label printing has a great difference, because the smart tag and its chip's particularity, can not withstand the pressure of printing presses, so, in addition to inkjet printing, the general use of the first printing surface layer, and then the chip layer composite, die-cutting process.Smart Label

Smart tags can help manufacturers and consumers to understand real-time inventory, circulation, durability and so on, for manufacturers to monitor their products in the supply chain status and position play a great role. For example, a lot of food and medicine packaging must be in a specific temperature and low pollution environment to store transport, general tags can not understand and monitor the preservation of the temperature and quality of products, and smart tags in the process of product storage and transportation in a timely manner to monitor the temperature requirements sensitive, perishable product temperature, it relies on special chips, antennas, Sensors, such as measuring the temperature in the process of storage and transportation, warning manufacturers to prevent temperature changes in the product impact.Smart Label